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Keith Lane launches crowdfunding campaign for his latest project

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Keith Lane launches crowdfunding campaign for his latest project

August 14
22:00 2019
Keith Lane launches crowdfunding campaign for his latest project
Award-winning film producer, Keith Lane, launches an Indiegogo campaign for his latest work – SURVIVAL

SURVIVAL is the latest project from multi-talented producer and screenwriter, Keith Lane and he has taken to Indiegogo to raise funds for the project. Survival – A Historical Brazilian Work of Fiction That Explores the Power of Education chronicles the journey of one American to Brazil, as he empowers the people through education, awareness, and inspiration.

Brazil is often heralded around the world as a segregated nation and a typical example of a country ravaged with racial conflicts. Statistics show that only 3% of the country’s Black population attends college, with many native Brazilians still expressing one form of racism or the other towards those descended from the slave trade.

Keith Lane worked in Sao Paulo, Brazil as an English teacher, picking up the Portuguese language, building relationships, befriending Brazilians, and immersing himself in every facet that comes together to form one Brazilian fabric. Carrying a B.S. in Psychology from Washington State University, Lane loves to explore the mindsets, histories, and societal norms that come together in a nation as diverse and complex as Brazil. Based on his wealth of knowledge of the country and the culture of Brazil, Keith set out to produce Survival as he aims to impact Brazil positively moving forward, as he looks to offer a solution to address the problem of poor education in Brazil.

Known as a time travel film that will tie together the harrowing past of the nation of Brazil with modern day trials and tribulations, Survival poses solutions to problems that have been plaguing the country for centuries. The movie is an interpretation of the novel “Why Do Men Go To Brazil For Love?” by Keith Lane, offering everything from historical exploration, to modern day romanticism that is going to have viewers hooked in minutes.

The funds raised during the campaign will be used for the filming, production, editing, and distribution of the film. The team aims to raise $100,000 through the crowdfunding campaign. “We can’t do it without your help. We believe that we can all impact the future of Brazil positively with this film. We want to show everyone what is possible with the power of education., which can be accessed more easily than we all might realize. In order to ensure this film is introduced to as many key stakeholders as possible, we need crowdfunding backing to help us get the word out there. Even if we receive less than our goal, every dollar will be spent to make the film a reality,” said Keith Lane.

There are several donation perks available to interested backers on the fundraising page on Indiegogo. More information about Survival can also be found on Indiegogo.

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