How Alternative Dispute Resolutions Provide Smoother Handling of Divorce and Child Custody

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How Alternative Dispute Resolutions Provide Smoother Handling of Divorce and Child Custody

Many aspects of family law relate to emotionally difficult and charged situations, whether it be a divorce or child custody matters, and for specialists in this field of law it unsurprisingly requires sensitive handling and an appreciation of the upheaval caused to families involved. Divorce in particular has many difficult stages throughout a long, painful process, whether it be the gradual acceptance that a marriage is over, or the exposure of fractured personal lives in front of friends and family.

In cases where a marriage is indeed beyond salvation, it is not a foregone conclusion that the process of separation has to be an intensely unpleasant one. A positive approach to divorce is possible, even where children are involved. This is because the traditional method of litigation – where opposing sides in a family face off against each other across a courtroom – is no longer the only way of finalizing a divorce.

The Lichtblau Law Office is a firm of Toronto family lawyers that has expertise across numerous forms of alternative dispute resolution. They specialize in mediation, collaborative family law and family law agreements, which are more constructive means of settling divorce cases without the confrontation, bitterness and hostility that can be typical features of traditional litigation approaches. They all also share an ethos of collaboration and mutually positive results that can go a long way towards avoiding the psychologically damaging after-effects of divorce and child custody disagreements.

At Lichtblau Law, Yoel Lichtblau is an experienced mediator and is accredited by the Ontario Association for Family Mediators. Mediation is being increasingly employed in family law, with its popularity largely down to divorce and child custody processes being handled in a way that will minimize the long-term effects on those involved. Mediation is focused on communication, and is built around an impartial mediator encouraging positive, constructive dialogue between both parties, in a manner that is amicable and non-confrontational.

Similarly, collaborative family law is a negotiated solution where both sides are guided by a lawyer to reach an agreement, while retaining their focus on a positive mutual outcome. This approach can work across a range of scenarios, such as divorce, separation agreements, support, property division, custody and access, and variations. It places the client at the forefront of the case, with the lawyers guiding rather than dictating the course of the discussions. At any time, this process can be withdrawn in favour of trial proceedings.

Lichtblau Law also handles matters relating to family law agreements, such as estate planning and other issues associated with divorce. These include cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, paternity agreements, family arbitration agreements and separation agreements. The approach by Lichtblau Law is to ensure future legal costs are minimized by providing a tailored set of agreements that match the individual requirements of those involved, and ensuring that all legal documentation and agreements are prepared in as clear and understandable a format as possible.

“Traditional litigation rarely provides a positive experience for those undergoing a divorce or child custody arrangement,” says a spokesperson for Lichtblau Law. “This is why it is no surprise to see a range of alternative dispute resolution methods grow in popularity instead, with various benefits for all involved, depending on their specific requirements.”

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