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New Author Mark Janas Makes Impact

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New Author Mark Janas Makes Impact

February 17
21:39 2020

Raleigh, NC, USA – North Carolina-based independent author Mark Janas has released a small library of well-received fantasy, science fiction, techno thriller, and paranormal titles over the last 24 months, including the 7-book Shellbound series.

Shellbound tells the story of Luke Sanders, an ordinary guy who didn’t do enough to earn his ultimate resting place. He must return to make amends, help his family, and fight a much bigger fight. Shellbound interweaves contemporary politics, technology, and paranormal themes into a new type of good vs. evil story.

Other recent novels from Janas include:

Reflect, a story that chronicles the events along multiple realities following Larry’s discovery of a seemingly innocent connection to the Civil War past.
55, a novel about a dystopian society where human life expectancy has been extended by nearly 40 years, but New America only allows a select few to live past middle-age.
Nanokill, a much too realistic look at the political discourse in the country that prompts one citizen to take matters into his own hands, unleashing a powerful and unstoppable new technology.

Readers have been attracted to Janas’ stories so far, exemplified by these reviews:

• “Great combination of history, mystery, and thrills.” – Tracy, 5 stars
• “An intricately woven and engrossing novel with historical, paranormal, and horror elements…” – Mallory, 5 stars
• “I can truly recommend this book. Gripping from the first chapter. I will read more of his books.” – VT, 5 stars
• “Liked the pace of this novel, the plausibility of the story and the relatable characters. Futuristic yet made realistic by the author.” – CW, 5 stars
• “I am curious turning each page trying to figure out what is happening and which characters are good/evil in this fantasy world.” – KS, 5 stars

All of Janas’ books are enrolled in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program and can be accessed at:

About Mark Janas

Mark Janas has been a lot of things throughout his career including tech entrepreneur, healthcare professional, sports team owner, coach, and part-time professor. Mark writes the types of books that he likes to read, particularly those in the paranormal, science fiction, and dystopian genres. Mark lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife Mitzi, son Nico, and dog Pedro.

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