Singer/Songwriter, Blair Woods Releases New Single ‘No Question’. Listen To Complete Album On Spotify

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Singer/Songwriter, Blair Woods Releases New Single ‘No Question’. Listen To Complete Album On Spotify

USA – One could say that America is a mecca for talented singers with raw ability. There are star search shows, but there’s really no need to search that hard to find someone adequate. However, then there comes along someone rare and special like Blair Woods.

This American singer and songwriter has a five-octave vocal range. Obviously, this is what every singer dreams of. We have very few singers out there with such a high range. There have been a few in the past that have left us like Whitney Houston. There are others still among us such as Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande. Blair Woods also has this unique ability and is here to dazzle us.

Blair Woods also has a huge heart. She likes to donate to charity whenever she can. Right now, she is hoping to raise money to donate to non-profits to help the Lebanese people recovering from the explosion.

This is where Blair Woods is a star that puts herself behind great initiatives. She is asking for everyone’s help to get to 100k streams on Spotify for her song “Never Enough.” She would really like to get the money so that she can aid this cause that she has a heart for.

Some people just really like music live. This is where Blair Woods will satisfy your quarantine itch to hear a performance. She often live streams on the LIVIT app. Just go to the blairwoods profile to hear her music. She is there full-time, so you will be able to hear a lot of music to get you through this time. It’s also fun to hear an artist who can sing so proficiently.

She has many songs on spotify such as her new single “No Question.” This is where one can really explore what she sounds like. Her voice is pleasant and very feminine. There is no question, literally, that she will be a big star one day.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of mega-stars, but there’s also something very satisfying one can get from looking up the lesser-known ones. They tend to have more time to engage with their audience while they are building their brand.

Blair Woods might not be a megastar yet, but she’s certainly on her way. One should most definitely check her out as she rises to her heights. It’s clear she’s on an upward trajectory, and it can be a fun ride to tag along.

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