Tracy Laughard’s New Book Will Make Readers Throw Their Excuses In the Trash

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Tracy Laughard’s New Book Will Make Readers Throw Their Excuses In the Trash

The author believes success can be achieved by using language that prioritizes one’s goals

When it comes to climbing the mountain of success, nothing makes one slide further down than making excuses for their shortcomings. Reading Breakthrough Leadership with Tracy Laughard (now available on Amazon) will show its readers that excuses belong in one place: the trash. The author’s story will elucidate what this means.

Tracy Laughard is a former teacher-turned-CEO. She has been in the network marketing business for four years. She has earned the titles of top recruiter and top leader by generating well over seven figures in team sales. In addition to this, she has spoken on stage at company events. She is the host of the 5-Star rated podcast “That Social Marketing Chick” and has been featured in Business For Home. She is also a social media marketing coach and mentor whose goal is to help network marketers build their businesses on social media through influencer marketing. Stressing on the negativity of making excuses, Laughard explains why she herself stopped making excuses: “What changed was that I realized just how heavy my excuses really were. And if I was going to really fly like I was meant to, I was going to have to drop them. So, I did.”

Laughard found that using the right language — a more honest language — will help one figure out their true priorities. This means coming face to face with the truth, which Laughard says will make one feel a little salty. However, being honest with oneself by using the right language will also enable them to prioritize their goals over everything else.

“The simple trick of switching the language is going to allow you to check what’s really a priority for you. Because if your excuses are stronger than your vision, and your why and your business aren’t a priority, that’s okay! This isn’t always going to be a priority for every person,” says Laughard.

Breakthrough Leadership with Tracy Laughard is jam-packed with many lessons that will teach readers to say only one thing to all their excuses — ‘Get in the trash where you belong.’

Diane Raimondi, a network marketer, explains Laughard’s gregarious and supportive nature: “I found Tracy on Facebook by accident and was so glad I did. She made me believe that if she was doing this, so can I. Tracy breaks things down, so if someone is new to this profession of network marketing, like me, we are able to comprehend and put to action what she is laying down. Her energy is always high, she is always smiling, yet she will tell you the way it is and how or what you need to be doing. What attracted me to Tracy was that she would spend time with someone who wasn’t on her team or even in the same company. Tracy truly shows that she uplifts, empowers, and supports the next person regardless. I am grateful to have her as one of my mentors in this profession. Thank you, Tracy!”

Mimi Mason, a network marketer and TV personality, speaks of Laughard’s vibrant personality: “Busting through the monotonous online sea of ‘Hey-Girl-ing,’ there’s Tracy Laughard screaming ‘HELL YEAH!!!’ to inspire and push you toward your goals. I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s the kind of mentor I want and need. I am so blessed to work with and learn from her, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am in my life without her coaching.”

Drop the weight of excuses with Breakthrough Leadership with Tracy Laughard, now for sale on Amazon.

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