‘Keepers of our Kingdom’ app will strike the much-needed conversation about the issues damaging the environment today

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‘Keepers of our Kingdom’ app will strike the much-needed conversation about the issues damaging the environment today

Our society is on its way to reaching the pinnacle of causing irreversible damage to our planet. Several serious issues like global warming, pollution, depleting forests, wildlife extinction and heaps of plastic waste covering a major portion of the planet including the oceans killing marine life and causing terrible damage to the environment. Only a small percentage of the population is aware of the ongoing environmental situations and/or doing something to prevent further damage. What we need today is more awareness regarding these issues, so each person on the planet can take small measures to prevent damage and to collectively make a bigger impact.

A prime example of how powerful our actions can be if we work together was witnessed on September 20th of 2019 during the climate crisis strike where over 4 million people from 163 countries strike on the same day through more than 2,500 events. Thankfully, a new innovative project called the Keepers of our Kingdom app has been launched on Kickstarter that aims to create the same awareness among people and make organizing initiatives such as the climate crisis strike much easier and more frequent. The app focuses on creating a more eco-friendly and conservation aware society to help save the planet. It uses the power of the social media platform to promote eco-friendly lifestyle changes, educate the public about the environment and organize proactive initiatives and protests, to protect the environment. The app will strengthen the conservation community across the globe and will serve as an active force against the further destruction of people, wildlife and our ecosystems.

The Beta version of the app will feature personal profiles, a feed page, and messaging similar to Facebook and Instagram. It will also have a forum section to enable the users with a safe space for discussions on environmental and other world issues while trying to find unique solutions for the issues as well. The innovative solutions can be seen directly by the non-profit organizations who can implement them. People within their respective fields can educate others about agricultural practices, sustainable living, etc. while the NGOs and other local projects will have their own unique profiles through which they can share information about their initiatives and offer a direct link to donate funds or volunteer initiatives.

The first NGO to support the Keepers of our Kingdom app is the Rare Species Fund (RSF), which was established in 1982 by its current director Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, who is a leader in the conservation community, and known for his training of exotic animals. RSF works towards preserving wildlife and educates the public about conservation issues through the use of animal ambassadors.

Keepers of Our Kingdom app hopes to raise $27,800 via the Kickstarter campaign to cover the cost of app development and add a variety of features. If the project meets its stretch goal of $37,500, they’ll add further features such as proactive agreements. The proactive agreement feature involves a patent-pending method that can be utilized independently or as armament for petitions and initiatives to speed up the process.

Support the app on Kickstarter.com.

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