WoW Classic Rare & Expensive Items, And How To Get Them?

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WoW Classic Rare & Expensive Items, And How To Get Them?

WoW Classic Rare & Expensive Items, And How To Get Them?

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On August 26, 2019, Blizzard Entertainment released World of Warcraft Classic, recreating the first expansion, The Burning Crusade released in 2006, and retaining almost all the gameplay mechanics of the original version. After that, World of Warcraft Classic became one of the most popular versions of WOW series, and attracted a large number of players to log into the servers in a short time. By now, WoW Classic has kept live for several months, it seems that everything keeps going regularly.

Not just WoW Classic, almost all games involve thousands of items, including Weapons, Armor, Containers, Keys, and more. This is the database while playing, but it is hard to get whatever you want in WoW Classic, especially some rare and expensive ones. We took stock of some of them and provided ways to get them.

Hand of Edward the Odd

It is one of the best BoE Spell Caster Weapons available currently in WoW Classic priced 500-2,000 Gold, which grants a chance on hit to make your next Spell Cast instant. As one of the thousands of Epic items, its loot chance is very low, as it drops mostly from mobs with levels between 59-62, commonly in Scholomance, Stratholme, Blackrock Spire, Molten Core, as well as high-end Raids.

Another method to get it is to roll for it with other party members, but the change of getting it when it drops is extremely small, which causes it to have such high market value.

The Eye of Shadow

It is an Epic Trinket priced 250-350 Gold, which is part of the Epic Priest Staff Quest called Balance of Light and Shadow.

Before Patch 1.5, the loot chance was very low, but now the Eye of Shadow has a 100% drop chance from Lord Kazzak, which provides players with more opportunity to get the Eye. Surely, this is still a rare item, because Kazzak couldn’t be defeated by everyone. Kazzak is a world Boss who resides in the Tainted Scar part of the Blasted Lands area, so defeating him requires at least a 30-man group.

Teebu’s Blazing Longsword

This is the most expensive of these items, which is able to sell on the Auction House for around 2,000-4,000 Gold. As one of the epic swords, it can deal with 4,727 normal damage per second and additional fire damage, making it one of the most sought-after items in WoW Classic.

Since the loot chance of Teebu’s Blazing Longsword is random, no one can predict that it can drop from which one boss, but according to the past, it is more likely to be discovered in the Silithus Zone.

Alcor’s Sunrazor

This is one of the most overpriced Daggers in WoW Classic, in most cases, it can cause more than 45 DPS and addition Fire Resistance, and it has its attack speed at 1.30 which is among the fastest in the game, it’s hard to discover such a fast dagger anymore, making it the most popular weapons among the Rogues.

The Alcor’s Sunrazor might drop from Molten Core’s Elites, Scarlet High Clerist, a level 60 Elite Mage, which can be found in the northern part of Western Plaguelands. What’s more, it also drops from Colossus Bosses in Ahn’Qiraj’s Event.

Fodor’s Compendium of Dragon Slaying

This is a book priced 600-800 Gold, which is combined with the Quel’Serrar. It starts a Questline that leads the players to obtain the best tanking Main-hand weapon for Warriors and Paladins called Quel’Serrar.

The book can drop randomly from any Boss in the Dire Maul Dungeon, it is extremely difficult to complete the dungeon challenges, which makes the book rare and valuable.

The above are some of the more typical Epic items in WoW Classic, while most of them can be obtained from Raids and Dungeons, and binds to the player upon pick-up.

Items can be traded directly, so each one will be assigned a value. The rarer they are, the harder they drop in the game, and the more expensive they will be. You’d better figure out the value of each item, for example, when you trade or exchange with others, you need to provide something with the same value as the others’ goods to ensure that their value is not reduced, this is also a great way to get rick in WoW Classic.

However, don’t forget that items may change based on market value, servers even time, so don’t always put a useless item in your hand instead of making money through it.

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