The History of the Development of the Ant Soldier VOS Pool

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The History of the Development of the Ant Soldier VOS Pool

The History of the Development of the Ant Soldier VOS Pool

Blockchain represents the current iconic revolutionary and innovative era.  My name is Davis Billy, founder of the VOS Ant miner Pool.  Every ant miner in the world is good now.

I call the miner node of the VOS ant soldier pool active in the blockchain market as “ant soldier”.  Because the miners go forward like ants, they have made great contributions to stimulate the market vigor of the VOS ant soldier mining pool.

In 2006, I graduated from Oxford University, carrying 200 euros in my pocket, without turning my head, and turned to work at Forex Capital Markets (FXCM).  The first thing I did was research foreign exchange, securities, stocks, and futures.  In the United Kingdom and Germany, as well as Asian students and friends, he promoted foreign exchange, securities, stocks, futures and other wealth management products and began his own entrepreneurial journey.  In order to prove that the financial products I recommend can make more friends get profits, I used to operate the financial products in front of customers to make more profits.

I rely on strong technical analysis and data analysis of various financial products to make profits for many circle of friends.  Just one year after starting my business, I have created my own “financial myth story” that has spread throughout the circle of friends, taking the meaning of “the banner of credibility”, hoping to spread the credibility banner of financial management profit to the world.  With a dream in mind, with a perseverance spirit and a wealth management product that only earns 2 Euros, I became an entrepreneur who settled in Silicon Valley.

I’m Davis Billy, creator of the VOS Ant miner Pool.

I have accumulated through 4 years. In 2010, with the specialty of mathematics, I invited my classmate Hawkins Daleid (Indian for short) to start the Billy mine together.  Its main business includes research on blockchain, blockchain miners, miner chips, and mining.  Relying on a variety of technologies such as computers, we have researched the broken and generated blocks of the blockchain, and put forward the “six wins” concept, that is, blockchain, distributed accounting without tampering, miners, mines,  In the case that the six areas of reasonable benefits such as the mining pool and the circulation of blockchain tokens have been satisfied, my classmate Hawkins Dalide and I have achieved long-term stable development of the blockchain.  This idea was quickly rewarded with benefits. I achieved a rapid development leap in Bitcoin in a short period of time. My mine miners quickly became the most well-known mining product in the industry with “high-quality mining.” Mine.

In 2010, my mining field ranked first in the global market share of bitcoin mining, twice as much as American branded mines, and ten times as much as Asian mines.  Became the first well-known mining brand in Bitcoin mining field to lead many international rivals.

In 2011, my team named McLaren Team, entered the top European races, and won the championship in one fell swoop. Therefore, it won the “German Brand Depp Award”.  In 2011, I became the first person to enter the Olympic Museum for the first time a blockchain appeared in the Olympic Museum.

The great innovation and revolution of Bitcoin PK fiat currency created the beginning of a new round of currency for the blockchain.  As the first node of Bitcoin mining, I promoted the “blockchain” to the rapid development track of the world.

In 2012, mining blocks in my mine dropped, mining machine damage and loss rates were high, noise garbage, thermal energy waste, power loss, high cost of aging and maintenance of mining machines appeared … I started to set up a new technical team to create a  Mining pool.”  As the first batch of bitcoin miners and blockchain promoters, my previous contributions have laid a good foundation for the ant soldier pool.

In 2012, my team developed a combination of offline mines and online mining pools, and began to study new mining machine chips and mining machine programming. “My team and I successfully developed mines and mining pools offline and online.  The combined innovation has realized that the slogan is no longer a dream, but a promise of fact. This innovation once again brings a new round of benefits to blockchain miners and the chain, avoiding violent mining, fake addresses, and model currency, Air Coin’s destructiveness to the blockchain.

My team once again created a leader in the blockchain world.  Adhere to the purpose of ingenuity to do practical things, win-win platform, and strive to promote the rise of “Global Blockchain Quality Manufacturing”.  In 2018, my team created a blockchain mining pool, a high-tech mine, and a mining pool integrity alliance, and used the “KYC + quality competition node ranking” to improve the integrity environment of the blockchain. It has been adopted by international new media, television stations, news broadcasts, and news editions.  And other authoritative media rushed to report, becoming the leader of the blockchain industry.

My team has an honest alliance with many mines around the world and is a smart business platform under the Billy team.  Its core model, KYC certification + competitive ranking, provides on-chain services for each ant miner in the mining pool fairly, justly and transparently.  My Billy Team Integrity Alliance is the first in the mobile Internet field to develop a unique, world-leading mining and pool technology. Adhering to the concept of “the creator wins twice” and the participants benefit from the operation and maintenance model,  Decentralization on the chain + mining with cloud computing power + multi-integrity, team-building, and win-win mode of the team is gradually assisting the honest community teams of master nodes in all continents, master nodes in various countries, and super nodes, with daily profitable mining and AI intelligent convenience for miners  The core products such as use, international exchanges, PWK19 profitability, and honest chat software are used as ties to form a cross-industry alliance and jointly create profit for the application alliance. It competes fairly with international mining pools in the same industry and helps 20 million subdivided ants and soldiers.  The top three international miners who have won the competitive ranking of miners have risen.

In 2006, I continued to develop from innovation to innovation to innovation.  Taking the foreign exchange, securities, stocks, futures economy, and consumer demand as the starting point, I have laid a good foundation for the transition to mines and mining pools, and helped the blockchain ant soldier mining pool build a core marketing system.

PWK19 relies on the three core business models of ant xiongbing mining pool to deposit bottom-line application circulation value, competitive quality ranking, and real-name system scoring. Combining with the current Internet development situation, it has created a new blockchain and new retail model, giving the global integrity ant xiongming miner team  It is a good product of the artificial intelligence high-tech blockchain with complete global independent intellectual property rights. It is a good product of the artificial intelligence high-tech blockchain with global independent intellectual property rights. It integrates a number of 8 functions and applications, and can be voice AI intelligent, optional reading white paper, PPT, listening to music,  Making the team of ants soldiers convenient, can also greatly improve the community’s efficiency and quality of the VOS ants male soldier pool, and benefit the global nodes.

My mining pool documentary “The first episode of the Billy team’s ten-year footprint: The Ant Soldier” (video, soft text introduction) searches the world’s major new media and global websites for VOS Ant Soldier Pool news report “International  The “New Media Website” column was broadcasted grandly, and watched the future miracle development of the mythical mining pool of the blockchain by the Billy team for 10 years.

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