New Guidebook for Energetic Self-Defense in a World Full of Uncertainty: “Spiritual Ninja” Book Releases April 10

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New Guidebook for Energetic Self-Defense in a World Full of Uncertainty: “Spiritual Ninja” Book Releases April 10

Los Angeles – April 10, 2020 – On April 10th, Janelle Christa, world-renowned mystic and conscious entertainment professional, brings years of experience to print. Reaching those struggling emotionally and physically, Janelle offers guidance on how to protect ourselves from draining our psychic energy.

With her own turbulent history of a divorce, a dysfunctional family, and a life-changing bi-polar diagnosis, Janelle was able to turn to her own teachings. Yet throughout her coaching, online courses, and production work, she began to identify the struggles of many others. Realizing that not everyone had access to immediate guidance, Janelle felt compelled to do more. The result is this guidebook, Spiritual Ninja.

Spiritual Ninja is a most timely book, with millions of people in US facing isolation, fears and almost levels of uncertainty. Understanding the need to impart with advice that is practical to our modern way of living, there is a heavy reliance on reality in the book. Janelle encounters the effect of the #metoo movement, discussing the importance of boundaries.

With the central message on taking care of yourself and tuning into your own spiritual well-being, rather than that of others, Janelle’s teachings can be incorporated into even those busiest of lifestyles. This is highlighted by each helpful section providing several methods that you can immediately start working on. Best of all, it takes just a few minutes out of your day. The long term effects, however, are a balanced state of mind and improved state of mental health.

From undertaking detoxing to grasping our chakras and how active the roles of crystals are, the result is a book that encourages a sense of understanding of your more significant well-being. It does this while presenting you with the tools to respond, helping you to protect your energy reserves while continuing to connect healthily in the modern world of the twenty-first century.

About the Author

Janelle Christa, also known as Janelle Odair is an American actress, producer, writer, healer, coach, wife, mom, and mystic. Struggling to balance her own well-being with that of a hectic lifestyle, Janelle decided she’d had enough of watching others do the same. Actively engaging and increasing her workshops, coaching sessions, retreats, and online courses, Janelle believes everyone can access a better way of living. Now in charge of her very own conscious production company, Lemurian Dreams AKA Janelle Christa Productions, Spiritual Ninja showcases decades of experience and invites everyone to work towards increased energy, protection, and connection.

Book title: Spiritual Ninja. A guidebook for Energetic Self-Defense, Protection and Connection in modern world.

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