Best immersive motorsport team management game finally launched on Kickstarter

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Best immersive motorsport team management game finally launched on Kickstarter

Grand Prix Strategy is a revolutionary motorsport team management game that sports the most immersive gaming ambiance to create the best realistic ambiance of a racing track.

Something exciting coming up for motorsport gaming fans. An avid French Formula 1 enthusiast, Alexandre Vincent, has recently launched the most immersive motorsport team management game on Kickstarter that will transcend the gaming experience to new heights altogether. Titled “Grand Prix Strategy,” the game is a multi-platform management game which has been engineered based on the expert advice of several racing formula team managers.

The campaign is geared to raise around $13,039 by April 30, 2020.

The genesis of Grand Prix Strategy is inspired by Alexandre’s constant quest to find a motorsport game that can present a truly immersive and realistic experience. He wanted something in the line of the immensely popular Football Manager game but for motorsport gamers. After a long search when he could not find anything close to his desired motorsport game, Alexandre, who is also a computer programmer, decided to create the most immersive motorsport game all by himself. Thus, Grand Prix Strategy was born.

“The seeds of Grand Prix Strategy was born as early as 2003. I drew the primary outline based on the references of Grand Prix 4 and hence the name. But, the ups and downs of life did not leave me with sufficient time to cater to the project for a long time. However, the game was always at the back of my mind, and finally, 9 months back, I again started developing the project the way I had envisioned it”, stated Alexandre.

“I am excited to bring to you my dream motorsport game, which will immerse you into the life of a motorsport team boss like never before. You have a highly simulating motorsport game waiting for you here, which assures a unique and more enriched motorsport gaming experience. Grand Prix Strategy is a gift from one formula 1 enthusiast to all other motorsport gaming fans out there.”

Over the coming months, the project will be divided into three stages or modes, and realistic features will back each of them-

Weekend mode – This mode will enable gamers to choose a single-seater category and circuit. Most importantly, thanks to its immersive design, the game will let the gamers experience the very special ambiance of Grand Prix weekend right on their desktop or mobile.

Season mode – In this mode, players will don the role of a leader in a single-seater team who will have to manage the overall development of the team throughout an entire season.

Career Mode – This mode will enable players to be the leader of a single-seater tram in multiple seasons.

Being a multi-platform game, the game can be played on both desktop and mobile, and it is compatible with both iOS and Android systems. Grand Prix Strategy has been translated in as many as 8 languages, and players can choose from either solo or multiplayer mode of gaming.

“Grand Prix Strategy is a breakthrough immersive motorsport game that we all motorsport enthusiasts and gamers have been waiting for years. We are in the last stage of completion of the project and this calls for robust financial support. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Grand Prix Strategy to life and make things even cooler in the world of motorsport gaming.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on game packages, sponsorship packages, and VIP membership.

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