Sensetime, Cloudwalk, WIMI AI + Visualization Help Upgrade and Build Smart City

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Sensetime, Cloudwalk, WIMI AI + Visualization Help Upgrade and Build Smart City

The rapid development of modern information technology has brought about the vigorous development of digital economy. The digital technology innovation represented by 5g, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, etc., brings disruptive changes and innovation to all industries, and drives the further growth of digital economy and real economy. Digital economy has become an important engine for countries to optimize economic structure and improve economic development speed, and the digital transformation of world economy has become the general trend.

The important strategy of “intelligence +” was formally put forward in the government work report of the NPC and the CPPCC: “deepen the R & D and application of big data, artificial intelligence, etc. Build an industrial Internet platform, expand “intelligence +”, and enable the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. “Smart +” emphasizes the enabling role of digital technology in upgrading the industry, especially the manufacturing industry. It aims to strengthen the ability of technological innovation, promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, and give new impetus to the economy. From Internet plus to intelligence +, the new technology of Internet will be transferred from the consumer side to the industrial side. The enterprises will become more intelligent and the city ecology will be more intelligent. The digital economy will steadily promote the sustained and healthy development of China’s economy.

With the further development of urban construction, urban governance problems are emerging. In this case, artificial intelligence technology is constantly applied in many fields such as government affairs, education, safety, transportation, people’s livelihood and so on, so as to bring more results to urban governance and further promote the construction of smart city.

Face recognition is one of the hottest technologies in the wave of artificial intelligence. At present, it is going out of the laboratory on a large scale and into all walks of life, which is convenient for life, reduces costs and improves efficiency. Therefore, it has gradually become the “standard” in people’s daily life.

In a restaurant, even if there is no mobile phone or wallet, you can complete the payment by “brushing your face” after ordering; in a bank, you can withdraw money by “brushing your face” without bank card or ID card Have you ever experienced such a scene? Today, from attendance, shopping, flying, staying in hotels, even receiving pensions It’s no longer a joke to live by the face. Behind this is the face recognition technology which has a history of several decades. Now it is going out of the laboratory on a large scale and entering into daily life. Behind this is the vision AI company products such as SenseTime, cloudwalk, WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI) entering the life scene. Rich scene application needs provide the channel for enterprises to land and strong market value; the storage of massive big data and world proposition also provide a wide platform for technology enterprises and technology developers.

As a new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platform of intelligent vision country, sensetime appeared in this exhibition, and exhibited the latest intelligent city, intelligent hardware, AI education and other products and solutions. With the newly upgraded “vision center” of intelligent city as the core, it presented a new picture of urban life in the future.

At the Expo, the most concerned one is the just released solution of smart city of Shangtang – AI city end cloud integration solution. It is composed of sensefoundry2.0 ark city level visual open platform, sensenebula intelligent edge node and a new generation of sensepass face recognition machine. It realizes the integration of “cloud + edge + end” full technology stack, and provides core central capabilities for smart cities. Relying on Shangtang’s leading innovation and application capabilities, the completed “vision center” system will be able to achieve full scene coverage of the city. No matter in the city block, park, campus, community, office building, bank, airport, subway, in the future, artificial intelligence technology will break through the barrier of urban space, provide all-round security protection for urban life, improve the efficiency of urban management and operation, and meet people’s various needs.

Cloudwalk will give full play to its advantages in artificial intelligence platform, data, algorithm, artificial intelligence application and other aspects. Combined with its practical experience in various fields of artificial intelligence, it will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of “Ai + community service”, “Ai + pension”, “Ai + long rent apartment”, “Ai + retail”, “Ai + industrial real estate” and jointly carry out national vertical projects in the direction of artificial intelligence Application and scientific research project application.

According to reports, cloudwalk is now the first adult face recognition provider in the banking industry. In addition to financial products, cloudwalk is also actively empowering Shanghai’s urban governance. Zhou Xi said that cloudwalk has been deeply involved in security for many years, and has jointly established the “intelligent video analysis research center” with the Ministry of public security. The products are online in 29 provinces, and can effectively provide services for the refined management of Shanghai’s mega cities, such as intelligent public security, intelligent park management, etc.

Cloudwalk, which has both financial and security markets, is still exploring the layout of the retail industry. Zhou Xi told the first financial reporter that cloudwalk has reached strategic cooperation with yum, Starbucks and other top enterprises in the industry, with huge development space in the future.

The digital application of WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI) has been extended to all walks of life in the digital exhibition hall, application fields: holographic shopping experience, holographic live broadcast, holographic conference, holographic government theme exhibition hall, holographic online holographic exhibition application, holographic IP business exhibition. For example, the digital exhibition hall of the memorial hall combines various multi-media interactive exhibition items and themes with high-tech audio-visual display means to leave a more direct impression on the visitors; the digital exhibition hall of the science and Technology Museum reproduces the past history, characters, objects, etc., so that the visitors can experience an interesting journey of science and technology and culture as time goes back. The digital exhibition hall of the enterprise hall integrates the enterprise culture into digital multimedia exhibition items and digital content exhibition, and creates the interactive digital exhibition hall of the enterprise hall with distinct enterprise personality.

With the mission of “vision is vision”, the company has established a world-class, independently developed deep learning platform and Supercomputing Center, and developed a series of AI technologies, including face recognition, image recognition, text recognition, medical image recognition, video analysis, driverless and remote sensing. The development of the holographic 3D face recognition software is based on the holographic image feature detection and recognition technology of WIMI, template matching holographic image detection technology, and video processing and recognition technology based on deep learning and training. Traditional 2D face recognition technology is a recognition technology based on facial features, which captures information from facial images or facial video streams, and automatically detects and tracks the target face; WIMI’s holographic 3D face recognition technology is a combination of holographic image capture and 3D portrait recognition technology.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI) focuses on the development and application of software technology, and has AI, machine recognition technology, machine learning, model theory and video imaging processing technology. Holographic 3D face recognition technology is a collection technology that uses structured light and infrared light. The collected feature points can be more than 30000; the traditional 2D face recognition technology can collect less than 1000 feature points. And 3D technology is less affected by the surrounding environment, which is expected to overcome many problems found in traditional 2D face recognition technology, such as light, posture, occlusion, dynamic recognition and facial expression.

With the rapid development of face recognition application, technology, talent, capital and policy driving are indispensable. Why does the application of face recognition technology show a rapid development momentum in China in recent years? As far as “brush face” technology is concerned, China is at the forefront of application and landing, and the underlying technology is also accelerating. Recently, China’s AI development report 2018 released by China Science and Technology Policy Research Center of Tsinghua University shows that China has become the country with the largest AI patent distribution in the world, leading the United States and Japan in the number.

Face recognition technology has become a major hotspot in the field of artificial intelligence, which plays an important role in the application of public security video monitoring such as “snow project” and “Skynet project”, and is of great benefit to the improvement of social security environment in China. Compared with other biometric technologies, face recognition has many advantages, such as friendliness, simplicity, accuracy and economy. It has been widely used in many aspects, such as security verification, monitoring and access control, in the fields of finance, justice, military, public security, border inspection, government, aerospace, power, factory and medical treatment.

At present, artificial intelligence has always been the hot object of capital, especially face recognition enterprises. According to CB insights, a total of US $15.2 billion flows to AI start-ups around the world, of which US $7.3 billion has been invested by Chinese AI entrepreneurs, accounting for 48% of the total, surpassing US $38%.

Through data mining, analysis and sharing, form the “smart brain” of the city, enable the top-level application of a hundred flowers, provide the city managers with convenient, accurate and efficient governance and decision-making, provide more advanced technical means, build a fertile “black land” for the development of the digital economy, gather industry partners and industry applications, and support the digital of all walks of life Transformation and development.

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