One on One with Entrepreneur Chris Graffagnino

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One on One with Entrepreneur Chris Graffagnino

Chris Graffagnino a successful entrepreneur, world traveler, business influencer and a go-getter, whose works in coaching young people to become successful has gained recognitions. Chris Graffagnino goes in for an excluvise mini-interview.

Would you please give a brief introduction of yourself

I’m Chris Graffagnino (IG: @iamchrisgraff). I am an entrepreneur that specializes in operational and physical risk management. I cofounded a global logistics and security company in 2016, where I run the day to day operations worldwide. I have also started several other ventures including a nonprofit mentorship program that helps young entrepreneurs develop their ideas (IG: @Settle4Success).

If you didn’t become a passionate entrepreneur and business influencer what would you be doing right now

Honestly, I’m not sure. I might probably still be in law enforcement working as a civil servant and complaining with everyone else about how unhappy I am working for somebody.

What inspired the creation of your one on one Mentorship program for young people

I thought about all the adversity I had experienced while sharing my ideas with people as I was planning my first big business.  I was looking for their buy-in, their approval, or hell even for them to say “wow, that sounds great!” But, I had virtually nosupport. No one could understand what I envisioned and how I made it sound so easy to build. I was ridiculed with the “if it was that easy anyone could do it” one- liners.   

Once my success started mounting and I began earning six, seven, and eight figures, I decided to create a mentorship for likeminded individuals that need a mentor figure to support them and tell them their ideas are good ideas and help them develop actionable business plans to materialize those ideas. You know, for me, I took the naysayers’ opinions and used it to fuel my success with a “watch me” mentality. Not everyone can do that. My goal for Settle4Success is to provide an enriching platform for entrepreneurs to connect and be motivated.

If you can have those whom you have inspired in the period of your amazing career so far remember one thing about you, what could it be

Anything is possible through hard work and persistence. Never give up. I had many obstacles in my path, including lack of support, both financially and in external motivation. I want to be remembered as the person who never gave up when things got extremely tough. I want to be remembered as the person who defied the odds and came out on top.

How would you describe your one on one Mentorship Program

Settle4Success is a chance for me to motivate young entrepreneurs and help them develop plans so they can go into business for themselves. I want to harness their passion for their ideas and drive for independence to create a revenue generating business model; so they can break away from the status quo that they complain about, which is usually having to work for someone else.

What can you say about the security evacuation and repatriation services you offer

Having a background in law enforcement and military service, security has always been a foundational interest in what I am passionate about. Creating a service that offers individuals crisis support anywhere in the world is monumental to the travel industry. Imagine being in a part of the world where there is total collapse of government service for whatever reason – hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, civil war, whatever, and you can dial one phone number where a team of professionals come to your rescue and take you home safely. This is a game changer in today’s world!

If you had one message to the people, what could it be

Never give up. Never give in to the naysayers and critics. People will try to project their own insecurities on you to make themselves feel better. F—k them! Do your own thing. Stay true to your passion and you will be just fine

Where do you see Chris Graffagnino at age 60  

A 60-year-old me is definitely still on the daily grind. Hopefully still with my wonderful wife, Danielle, and my kids – maybe even grandkids – spending a lot of quality time together but still out hustling on my own business ventures and continuing to help others with their own.

Who has played an influential role in your amazing career so far

My wife, Danielle, has been my day one companion on this journey with no known destination or end. I constantly seek her counsel and validation on many critical business decisions I make. I don’t think the significant others of successful business people get enough credit for the behind the scenes grind they endure. She has been wonderful!

Where does Chris Graffagnino draws his strength from

Definitely my family. My wife, Danielle and two children – Christopher and Chloe. They are the loves of my life and I would probably lack any motivation to do the work that I do without them.

For upcoming generations what advice can you give to them

Follow your dreams. Find a mentor and listen to as many of their experiences you can.                  

One final thought – don’t chase the money. Chase the passion. The money will come once you close in on your passion. At the day’s end, you want to do what you absolutely love. The money is just the market’s validation that what you are doing is working!

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