MagnetRX – Revolutionizing Traditional Magnetic Therapy

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MagnetRX – Revolutionizing Traditional Magnetic Therapy

Traces of magnetic therapy can be found in ancient civilizations around the world.

Roughly 100 million people around the world use magnetic therapy as a form of alternative medicine for a myriad of conditions, and history would certainly validate this holistic practice. Magnetic therapy is nothing new; in fact, the use of magnets for medical purpose dates back to some of the earliest civilizations on the planet.

There are traces from ancient Egypt, India, Greece, and China that show they used magnets for a wide range of health applications, with the earliest such account dating back to 600BC in the Hindu Vedas. This traditional therapy has been kept alive through the ages, and now, MagnetRX is carrying on the tradition with wide array of magnetic therapy products.

MagnetRX was created as a personal necessity and has grown into a trusted global brand. The company’s founder, a competitive tennis player and golfer, suffered from severe pains in his wrists and elbow. After being fed up with the negative side-effects of taking pain pills to manage the aches, he discovered an all-natural, non-invasive solution that proved to be more effective for him than the pills – magnetic therapy. Today, MagnetRX is a global wellness brand with an unwavering commitment to designing the most effective magnetic therapy products on the market. They offer a full line of products made with their advanced magnetic technology to provide users with superior magnetic strength.

The products from MagnetRX feature ultra strength neodymium magnets that are up to five times stronger than similar products on the market and each product is backed with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee!

“This bracelet looks fantastic and the magnets are very powerful compared to other bracelets I’ve used. Wearing this bracelet has alleviated the joint pain I had in my left shoulder. Magnetic products work amazingly well!” said a recent customer’s review, echoing the positive feedback from thousands of satisfied customers.

MagnetRX products are exclusively sold online at their website and available on Amazon. Shoppers can find a wide selection of magnetic therapy jewelry, such as magnetic bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Each piece of jewelry has a timeless design and is crafted with premium materials such as titanium, stainless steel, and pure copper. They also offer an array of body supports such as their popular magnetic knee sleeves, spot magnet patches, and magnetic shoe insoles.

MagnetRX is proud to carry on a legacy of traditional wellness that has been passed down for centuries while also advancing the products with their technology and style. Their sleek and streamlined magnetic jewelry is a wonderful alternative to the heavy and cumbersome magnetic jewelry of the past.

About MagnetRX, LLC

MagnetRX is based in Birmingham, Michigan and proudly designs all their products in the United States. MagnetRX products are exclusively sold online via their website and available on Amazon. Customers can enjoy a 60-day risk free guarantee, exceptional quality, and world-class customer service. All U.S. orders include free shipping and returns.

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