DeskBoard Buddy Launches An Innovative Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard Tool To Increase Productivity

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DeskBoard Buddy Launches An Innovative Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard Tool To Increase Productivity

DeskBoard Buddy specializes in small glass whiteboard products. The DeskBoard Buddy is a modern dry erase desktop whiteboard accessory designed to optimize productivity.

May 13, 2021 – DeskBoard Buddy recently launched a new take on the dry erase desktop whiteboard, a device designed to eliminate sticky notes and keep you organized while working from home. Due to the rising demand for productivity tools in COVID induced lockdown, the dry erase whiteboard is a relief for people working away from the office.

The CEO of DeskBoard Buddy Josh C. quotes, “The response from people has been amazing! Our production team cannot keep up with the demand. What makes me happy is the incredible stories we are hearing from people who use our product. We commonly get emails or new posts with images of teachers, marketers, sales staff, or other professionals using the DeskBoard Buddy on their desk to organize their workday. It is awesome to see.”

The primary aim of the dry erase board is to eliminate clutter from your workspace. Neuroscientists and psychologists have found a direct connection between organization and productivity. They explain that cluttered workspaces are likely to increase stress, negatively impact mental health, and decrease productivity. In addition, Neuroimaging conveys that the brain reacts subconsciously to disorder and activates fight-or-flight mode. As a consequence, cortisol levels elevate, and people burn out more quickly.

That is why the DeskBoard Buddy is so effective. Pens, pencils, highlighters and thumb drives can stay organized, all while staying hidden in the storage compartment. In addition, the whiteboard has designated slots for a dry erase marker, iPad, and mobile phone, allowing all devices to be fully in view while working.

Thanks to the white boards glass dry erase surface it completely eliminates the need for sticky notes, making it quick and easy to jot down important information. It’s glass surface is also made from scratch-resistant, non-absorbent glass, so it’s easy to keep clean after wiping. It seems everything has been thought of here.

To do their bit for the environment, for every desk board sold, DeskBoard Buddy will also plant a tree. Highly confident in their product, each white board comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

About DeskBoard Buddy:

DeskBoard Buddy is an innovative office supply company based in Canada. They produce and ship office accessory productivity tools worldwide. Their mission is to equip professionals around the world with tools to make them more organized, productive and successful.

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