Rick Couture unveils his intriguing Anthemic & Uplifting Single “Texas Yank (Boston version)” to thrill the minds of the music lovers

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Rick Couture unveils his intriguing Anthemic & Uplifting Single “Texas Yank (Boston version)” to thrill the minds of the music lovers

It is a song full of beats and lingers on, filling the music lovers with a higher level of satisfaction

June 3, 2021 – “Rick Couture is proud to unveil his Anthemic and Uplifting Single to satisfy his music lovers. Rick is a unique pop singer, an actor with exceptional singing skills, and based in Boston, MA, USA. He has created a stir in the entertainment industry.  He already has various releases under his belt and a long list of collaborations to his name at an early age. As a contemporary artist, Rick Couture is creating innovative music at the scene’s cutting edge. His style blurs the lines between the warmth of old-school hip-hop and the creativity of the modern stage.

Right out of the gate, Amen Alibi’s “Texas Yank” gives striking impressions of tenacity and authenticity! Lyrically expressing the timeless search for community and human longing to belong, “Texas Yank (Boston version)” carries itself with infectious electric energies and unapologetic artistry – rocking all the way!

There’s a colorful sense of character throughout “Texas Yank,” from the instrumental production to the lyrical content and vocal performance. Notably, there’s brightness to the experience that’s irresistibly exciting – reflecting an inspiringly authentic artistic impulse! The song’s chorus itself shows a great deal of humor and catches the ear quickly, making the song instantly participatory and highly memorable. Excellent use of vocal harmonies, too! Tonally, the guitar sounds and styles used are a large part of what’s compelling about this recording and suit the style and content perfectly! Stellar guitar solo section from 2:37 – 3:17.

Rick Couture started composing and recording his original music at a young age. The songwriting and performance process was a liberating way to express his thoughts, feelings, and ideas. He grew up and found music as a way of living. Ever since he discovered his natural talent, he has been honing and developing his craft. Now, he is an accomplished lyricist and composer. There’s no denying that he is now at the height of his game.

Fans of Alternative Rock who appreciate the genre’s limitless possibilities will find “Texas Yank (Boston version)” to be an incredibly open and charming listening experience! The quasi-Southern Rock sound of “Texas Yank” blends with Punk and Classic Rock structures seamlessly – serving as a memorable and highly engaging introduction to the creative world of “Amen Alibi”! – Jon W.

Amen Alibi’s single, “Texas Yank (Boston version)” would be ear catching to fans of artist Bug Hunter, Better Than Ezra, The Altogether, The Crane Wives, The Scary Jokes, Barenaked Ladies, The Happy Fits, mewithoutYou, Murder By Death, Third Eye Blind, O.A.R., Local H, Counting Crows, The Wallflowers, My Morning Jacket, Days N Daze, The Taxpayers, The Mountain Goats and along with the members of the band this song was “Produced by Ken Webb and Co-Produced by Rick Couture and Amen Alibi.”

This is the link to this Catchy song: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B093YZ4TRK/ref=dm_ws_tlw_trk1

Rick Couture, a Seven-time award-winning songwriter of 30 years, is the main songwriter for Amen Alibi. Rick plays acoustic guitar, drums, keys, backup vocals, and harmonies. The band’s releases are on the indie-rock label Ravaka Records.  Rick, along with a vast array of talented musicians, has brought his musical compositions and ideas to audible life.

Amen Alibi’s studio setting consists of Rick, Johnny Sousa (bass guitar, harp, keys, and guitar), and Ray Lambert (lead Guitars). Both Johnny and Ray have been recording and co-writing music with Rick for many years.

For more information, please visit: https://www.amenalibi.com/

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