DMT Spirit Molecule & Ayahuasca Frequency Decoded

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DMT Spirit Molecule & Ayahuasca Frequency Decoded

VANCOUVER – Jun 7, 2021 – Qi Life a leading energy frequency wellness & mindfulness company is pleased to announce the launch of Qi Coil™ Spiritual Awakening System. The technology generates soothing sounds and magnetic energy. Specifically, it combines the power of molecular mapping and electromagnetic energy displacement to replicate the effects of substances like DMT and Ayahuasca.

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and Ayahuasca are referred to as ‘psychoactive’ or ‘psychotropic’ substances, that produce special chemicals in the brain that many claims to produce auditory and visual imagery in the mind that many claims even leads to profound spiritual experiences. 

Molecular frequency emulation is done through various methods. For example, by converting molecular geometry and weights into mathematical algorithms and also, by measuring the electromagnetic noise of a substance, our team of scientists has developed a series of frequencies that emulate the effects of DMT, Ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, and hundreds of other beneficial frequencies – allowing users to experience their effects, in essence, “tricking” the brain into responding to and often, more effectively than the actual physical substances. 

Amazingly, these mind-expanding benefits can be accessed from just the Qi Coil app and the Qi Coil Device, right from the comfort of one’s own home.

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“During these challenging times, the Qi Coil™ Spiritual Awakening System is perfect to inspire wellness and healing, to clear energetic emotional blockages caused by stress, relationships, anxiety, and mental fatigue”, says David Wong, founder of Qi Life and inventor of the Qi Coil System, “It is the only system you need to transform yourself”.

The Qi Coil™ Spiritual Awakening System is a safe and easy way to enhance the meditative experience and unlock the mind, bringing spiritual and emotional healing. 

About Us:

Qi Life is a wellness-driven company specializing in infusing tesla-inspired frequency technology with personal wellness and mindfulness, creating technologies that “Transform Your Mind Effortlessly”. The company’s mission is to heal the world faster to improve mental and physical wellbeing, strengthen the sense of consciousness, and spiritual awakening using energy frequencies.

Qi Life is dedicated to providing consumers with non-invasive and 100% natural frequency wellness solutions to help remove blockages and negative energy that could be sabotaging your wellness. The device supports awakening themselves to infinite possibilities, whole-body health, and a longer, joyous life.

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