Radiant Model Mckenzie Rae Shares Her Secrets to Staying Positive Through Her Endeavors

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Radiant Model Mckenzie Rae Shares Her Secrets to Staying Positive Through Her Endeavors

Radiant Model Mckenzie Rae Shares Her Secrets to Staying Positive Through Her Endeavors

Most people are under the impression that the career of a model is easy. However, many are unaware of how stressful the road to modeling can be as they often cope with different trials and tribulations. McKenzie Rae is a model who has endured all obstacles with a positive spirit and hopes to manifest her positivity to the world.

Born and raised in the colorful city of New Jersey, McKenzie Rae always exuded positivity, even as a child. While time often wears out people’s spirits, Rae was able to hold on to her optimism. As she grew older, McKenzie Rae found herself drawn to a career as a model. With the right looks and an upbeat attitude, it was no surprise that she managed to break through.

Although Rae’s beauty is undeniable, what draws most people to her is her radiating positivity. Despite the trials and setbacks that often come her way, she has been able to break through each one and still retain her infectious smile. People usually ask Rae how she manages to stay positive, to which she tells them that she filters her thoughts, actions, and surroundings to a life that brings her health and happiness.

“Mindfulness is a huge accessory in being fit, healthy, and successful in the industry,” the positive model explained, “I believe in setting small goals with the end result in clear vision. I have many things I want to accomplish in life, and I believe we all have a purpose and a calling. My purpose is to spread love, positivity, and motivation to everyone, especially the people who need it!”

As a model, Rae strives to bring a unique take on her work by bringing a 1960s classy, fit, and charismatic persona viewed as a positive and strong role model to every age. With her current platform, she has encouraged others to shift their mindset to progress instead of working towards progression. Rae understands that it can be challenging to stay motivated when people find themselves comparing their image to others. She tries to uplift them by reminding them of their uniqueness. “It’s important to love yourself before loving anyone else,” Rae shared to her followers. With her “Progress Not Perfection” mantra, the radiant model encourages people to change their lives one step at a time. Whether it’s a single thought or one action, she believes that change can eventually occur.

With her whole life ahead of her, Mackenzie Rae hopes to leave a legacy once she reaches the end of her journey. In everything she does, the young model works hard to change the lives of those around her. Rae also hopes to be remembered as the woman who embraced her body while retaining some mystery to the naked eye. Just as she encourages others, McKenzie Rae focuses on setting small goals while keeping the big picture in mind. “I feel it’s best to set small achievable goals while climbing the ladder to success.”

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