Slim Metabolics Introduces New Three-Step Weight Management Course

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Slim Metabolics Introduces New Three-Step Weight Management Course

Company Founder and Creator Juhl T. Khallen Explains The New Course Called ‘Be Slim Training’ Which Aims To Teach Students How To Reduce Weight And Train The Body To Stay In Shape.

Fitness company Slim Metabolics has developed a new weight management course that aims to help individuals improve their shape in three simple steps that nearly anyone can do. The new course, called ‘Be Slim Training’, was created by company founder and coach Juhl T. Khallen from her firsthand experiences.

Juhl, who is also an author and mother to two sons, developed the method in 2009 and since then has lost over 50 pounds. According to the health and wellness coach, she uses an approach that is practical, yet intuitive to attain a slimmer and healthier shape.

“The body achieves what the mind believes. Think different, Eat different. Look Different,” says Juhl.

Among the key aspects of the training course are Khallen’s specially developed diet practice called Quarter Until Automatic Awareness Diet or QUAAD. Simply by following this diet, Juhl said that she was able to improve her body without extensive and frequent workouts. “Ultimately losing 52 pounds and gaining these ‘abs of steel’ makes most people presume that I work out all the time. But the truth is, I don’t. I eat by QUAAD, and exercise lightly,” explains the coach.

In her first four months, Juhl lost forty pounds and reached her goal weight. Establishing the routine of eating by QUAAD was surprisingly easy. But she still struggled to discipline her appetite. She overcame this by developing ways to think differently about food and eating, making it easier for her to reduce her food intake, make healthier dietary choices and feel completely satisfied eating less.

With the first forty pounds gone, she felt so much better, she continued eating this way. Staying on QUAAD, she went on to shed twelve more pounds in the years that followed and states that she can help nearly anyone who is motivated to lose weight to alter their eating habits relatively quickly.

Juhl elaborates on this further by explaining one of the fundamental concepts of the training, “How you eat is a reflection of what you think and feel about yourself. If you want to lose weight and change what you look like, what do you need to do? Alter the main inputs – your thoughts and feelings about yourself while you eat better. It’s really that simple.”

How students see themselves internally is also a key element that Be Slim Training addresses. According to the course creator, the majority of overweight people struggle not only physically and health-wise, but also deal with a sense of guilt or inadequacy around their body. Khallen states that these negative feelings and the internal image of being overweight are what drives them towards the habit of overeating.

The training course, as explained by Juhl, helps individuals overcome this negative concept by teaching them how to relate to themselves as a thin and healthier person inside right now and to begin feeling good about themselves right now, instead of delaying positive emotions.

“The sooner you start acting, thinking and feeling the way the slim person inside you does, the sooner you will be that slim person in real life. Be Slim Training makes this relatively simple, even easy to do.” explains coach Juhl.

More information about Slim Metabolics and Be Slim Training is available at their website,

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