Imagination Spectrum Sheds Insights into the Power and Uniqueness of Imagination

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Imagination Spectrum Sheds Insights into the Power and Uniqueness of Imagination

Imagination Spectrum helps people unlock the power of their imagination through a comprehensive science-based test.

Imagination has always been a subject of intrigue and a focus of several studies. Today, a group of thought-builders and futurists are seeking to quantify the power of imagination through the Imagination Spectrum, a platform designed to assess how one’s mental imagery compares across the senses and the spectrum of imagination.

Unlike typical surveys, Imagination Spectrum’s assessment is built through collaboration with PhDs in neuroscience and has undergone multiple rigorous testing.

According to the team, “Imagination Spectrum is a discovery place for imagination and quantifying our invisible differences.”

By quantifying imagination, what was once invisible becomes visible, shedding insight into how an individual can harness the power of their imagination and evolve. This enables them to gain a competitive advantage in life, business, and relationships and impacts how they interact with the world. Insights from the test can also foster inclusivity by nurturing cognitive diversity in the workplace.

Ultimately, Imagination Spectrum aims to offer a new alternative to standard IQ tests and bring a broader and deeper perspective into one’s imagination capabilities.

The assessment includes a 12-minute imagination test that captures the vividness of one’s mental imagery through visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile, and motor senses. After completing the test, users receive personalized reports about their results and comparisons with selected individuals.

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