Abansa Travels offers customized travel packages and cheap flights to exotic locations at affordable prices

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Abansa Travels offers customized travel packages and cheap flights to exotic locations at affordable prices

Founded by a group of travel enthusiasts, Abansa Travels seeks to make traveling more manageable, secure, and economical.

Abansa Travels aims to assist customers in drafting travel plans by cutting costs on flights and accommodation. The company currently offers cheap flights to exotic destinations without compromising quality. 

Company Origins  

With more than fifty airlines on board, travel agents, and tour operators, Abansa Travels customizes packages according to customer preferences.

Speaking to one of the company’s owners about its origins, “Being fond of traveling ourselves, we have learned a lot from our experiences, which pushed us to start a traveling company as a side hustle. Initially, we only catered to friends and family, but we saw potential in this business to grow. Soon what started as a passion project quickly turned into our full time work, a company that now houses more than 50 employees and has successfully helped many travelers plan their dream vacations.”

Customized travel packages 

The company offers exciting deals to customers during the travel season. Amongst other locations, they are currently offering cheap flights to Las Vegas that travelers can take advantage of.

 Talking to a company representative about their services, “At Abansa Travels, we aim to provide customers the deals we promise. Travelling can be a hassle, especially to a place you’ve never been before. The major chunk of travel budget goes into the flights expense. That’s exactly where Abansa Travels is making a difference. We make your travel easier by providing cheap flights, and taking care of all the itinerary and details so you can sit back and enjoy. Amongst other packages our cheap flights to Cancun is surely a deal not to be missed if you wish to make the most of your vacations.” 

Affordable Vacation Trips

With ample experience in the travel industry, the company’s expertise lies in saving customers precious resources to allow for a value-for-money travel experience. The company helps travelers save the amount spent on booking flights and expensive accommodations. Abansa Travels aims to redirect that saved resource to explore and activities to make the most out of discovering a new destination. 

Discover Exotic Locations

The company offers exciting customized packages and cheap flights to exotic destinations such as New York, Las Vegas, Santo Domingo, and South America. All packages are priced around $500/individual for a round trip. All details, including travel dates and itineraries, are entirely customizable according to customer preference and budget. 

What Sets Abansa Travels Apart 

The company warrants its increasing success rate to helpful customer service and employees’ commitment to providing customers with a memorable experience. Abansa Travels boasts great post-service to customers, which accounts for high customer recurrence.


With affordable travel destinations, cheap flights, and accommodation options, Abansa Travels provides travelers with affordable and comfortable travel without compromising on quality. For more information regarding prices and packages, the company can be contacted via the details below. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Abansa Travels
Contact Person: Abhinav Arora
Email: Send Email
Phone: 888-665-9573
Country: United States
Website: https://www.abansatravels.com