Mathias Precision Tree Service Removes At-Risk Trees in St Louis, MO

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Mathias Precision Tree Service Removes At-Risk Trees in St Louis, MO

Eliminating Hazardous Trees Before It’s Too Late

Mathias Precision Tree Service, a tree service serving Greater St. Louis, MO, urges homeowners to learn about the hazards of at-risk trees as the snowy weather draws near. The company, entering its third decade of serving O’Fallon, St. Peters, St. Charles, and nearby communities, explains that delaying necessary tree service heightens the risk of property damage.

Why At-Risk Trees Need Removal

Mathias Precision Tree Service outlines four situations where tree removal is a property owner’s wisest choice:

– A Large Branch Threatening a House: Over decades, a tree may grow to overhang a sizable section of a home. If a high wind snaps the trunk, the damage to the house may take months to repair. Emergency tree removal will protect the home and its occupants.
– The Root Structure Damages a Foundation: Homeowners are often surprised to learn that the cause of a leaky basement is tree roots. A mature tree that is within 25 feet of a house is still close enough for its roots to press on a foundation. In this case, tree pruning won’t help: tree removal and stump grinding is the only way to remove the roots.
– A Dead Tree: A dead tree, even if located well away from a structure, is a fire hazard to a neighborhood and merits prompt removal.- An Infested Tree: Insects can compromise any branch of a tree, posing a hazard to anyone nearby. Further, insects may jump to other nearby trees or even a house.

As a follow-up to tree removal services, the company recommends stump removal. Stump grinding enables property owners to fill in the area with grass or plants.

Proactive Tree Care Services

Though Mathias Precision Tree Service removes trees, the company views this action as a last resort. To keep trees healthy, the company’s in-house certified arborist recommends seasonal tree care. The company’s tree services serving Greater St. Louis, MO, include:

– Tree trimming and pruning
– Disease treatment
– Fertilization
– Landscaping advice

For More Information:

To learn more about Mathias Precision Tree Service, serving Greater St. Louis, MO, call 314-322-7690.

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