Integrated Observation Buoy: What People Have To Know

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Integrated Observation Buoy: What People Have To Know

Frankstar’s Integrated Observation Buoy is a powerful sensor platform for real-time remote monitoring of offshore conditions such as oceanographic, meteorological, and environmental parameters to name a few.In this paper, we outline the benefits of our buoys as a sensor platform for various projects …… Low total cost of ownership; web portal for remote configuration and real-time data monitoring; secure, uninterrupted data collection; and many sensor options (including custom integration).

The lowest total cost of ownership

First and foremost, the Integrated Observation Buoy is extremely robust and can withstand damage from waves, wind, and collisions. The buoy makes the risk of damage or loss to the buoy much lower. This is not only due to the buoy’s robust design with advanced mooring technology and built-in buoyancy material – it also has an alarm function that is triggered if the wave buoy moves outside its intended protection zone.

Secondly, the service and communication costs of this data collection buoy are very low. Thanks to low-power electronics and smart solar battery charging, service checks are carried out at long intervals, which means fewer man-hours. Read more about how Frankstar designed the Integrated Observation Buoy to operate for at least 12 months between battery changes in conditions similar to those in the North Sea, where far less solar energy can be harvested than in areas close to the equator.

The Integrated Observation Buoy is not only designed to require infrequent maintenance but can be easily serviced with as few tools (and easily accessible tools) as possible – facilitating uncomplicated service operations at sea – which does not require a specially trained crew. The buoy is easy to handle, it does not require support to stand when it is not in the water, and the design of the battery assembly ensures that service personnel is not exposed to the dangers of gas explosions. Overall, this creates a much safer working environment.Remote configuration and reliable real-time data monitoring on the website.

With the Integrated Observation Buoy, you can access your data remotely in near real-time on Frankstar’s web-based platform. The software is used for remote configuration of your buoy, data retrieval (data can be viewed visually on the web portal and exported to excel sheets for logging), checking battery status, and position monitoring. You can also receive notifications about your buoy via email.Some customers like to DIY their data display! While the data can be viewed online, it can also be used in an external system if the customer prefers their portal. This can be achieved by setting up a live output from Frankstar’s system.

Secure, uninterrupted data monitoring

The Integrated Observation Buoy automatically backs up your data on Frankstar’s servers and on the buoy itself. This means that your data is secure at all times. In addition to data security, customers of integrated observation buoys often need to ensure that data collection is not interrupted. To avoid a project like offshore construction which can be costly even if delayed by a day, customers sometimes purchase a backup buoy to ensure they have a secure backup in case something goes wrong with the first buoy.

Numerous sensor integration options – customised capabilities to meet project requirements

Did you know that the Integrated Observation Buoy Data Acquisition Buoy interfaces with many sensors such as wave, current, weather, tide, and any form of the oceanographic sensor? These sensors can be equipped on the buoy, in a subsea pod, or a frame mounted on the seabed at the bottom. In addition, the Frankstar team is happy to customise to your needs, meaning you can get a marine data monitoring buoy that exactly matches the setup you are looking for.

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