Johnny Poff’s Philosophy of Health Academy Now Accepting New Clients

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Johnny Poff’s Philosophy of Health Academy Now Accepting New Clients

On January 23rd, seasoned personal trainer and mindset expert Johnny Poff is launching the highly-anticipated Philosophy of Health Academy. The brand new product will educate and transform any individual on how to change their mindset and operate at a high level in the gym. Johnny Poff’s Philosophy of Health Academy delivers in-depth online training, mindset tuning, nutrition plan build outs, and accountability.

After seven years growing his knowledge and skill set with personal training and mindset tuning, Philosophy of Health Academy, which has transformed hundreds of clients into the best versions of themselves, Johnny Poff started The Philosophy of Health Academy in January 2023. This product marked the very first time the fitness trainer/mindset coach aficionado opened up his online training program to the general public. Now, he is accepting students to The Philosophy of Health Academy, a monumental stride for his business career.

A frontrunner in the industry, Johnny Poff is eager to share his proficiency in fitness and mindset tuning through his new product. The team at Philosophy of Health Academy is thrilled to announce they are already receiving inquiries from elite fitness professionals interested in hiring people who have trained under them. Just recently, two of Johnny Poff’s young students grew to top performers after adapting Johnny Poff’s expertise into their lifestyle. 

 “The only thing on this planet you are in control of is your mind, when you don’t have control of your own mind, you have control of nothing”, says Johnny Poff. “The minute you think and or believe in a negative thought or doubt, you have already lost”. Johnny Poff believes that being in tune with and an ally of your own mind will propel success in every aspect of your life. He is focused on lifting others up and motivating them to gain sight of their true potential, which can be revealed through his new product.

Johnny Poff’s Philosophy of Health Academy is targeted to enhance ambitious individuals with strategies for health and success. His team of training, accountability, and nutrition experts are ready to provide the holy grail for overall health, a strong mindset, and dream physique. Planning to maintain this Academy for the next ten to fifteen years, he and his team are committed to making a substantial impact through The Philosophy of Health Academy.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, consumers are continuing to turn toward online training more than ever before. Online training programs have become an essential tool for all fitness businesses to incorporate into their approach. Johnny Poff’s Philosophy of Health Academy recognizes the benefits of integrating companies into the online realm and provides the necessary tools to do so.

“Johnny is a professional, in person training with him in the gym is next level and even greater obtaining the results”, says Casey Cox, a student of Johnny Poff’s Philosophy of Health Academy. “We train with intensity; there is so much brilliance in the actual program and with what he teaches. Johnny will level you up.”  

To learn more about Johnny Poff and his new product, please visit

The Philosophy Of Health Academy.

About Johnny Poff

Johnny Poff is easily recognized as one of the leading fitness trainer/mindset coaches globally. He credits his success to personal qualities like ambition and leadership. In addition to his various training programs, Johnny Poff trains high level clients at a wildly successful fitness facility in San Diego, Self Made Training Facility.

Johnny Poff employs concepts for his own business that are based on real statistics and results. He has even overcome COVID-19 challenges by adapting online training into his strategy while continuing to take on new clients.

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