Cool Planet Water Introduces Touchless Water Dispensers for a Safe and Sustainable Workplace

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Cool Planet Water Introduces Touchless Water Dispensers for a Safe and Sustainable Workplace

Cool Planet Water, a leading provider of sustainable drinking water solutions for workplaces, is pleased to announce the launch of their new touchless water dispensers – offering a safe and hygienic way for employees to access clean and refreshing water in the workplace without the need for physical contact.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made people more aware of the importance of maintaining good hygiene practices. As workplaces continue to adapt to the new normal in light of the pandemic, Cool Planet Water is offering an innovative solution to help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in the workplace. Touchless water coolers provide a reliable solution for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. The dispensers feature a state-of-the-art touchless design that eliminates the need for users to touch a shared surface. A simple wave of the hand or press of the foot easily activates the dispenser, delivering fresh and filtered water directly to the user with no physical contact. 

“Our touchless water coolers are a game-changer for workplaces looking to promote a safe and healthy environment for their employees,” said Amanda Richart, General Manager of Cool Planet Water. “We are proud to offer this innovative solution that helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria while providing employees convenient access to clean and refreshing water.”

The touchless bottleless water coolers from Cool Planet Water are also designed with sustainability in mind. They feature energy-efficient components that help to reduce the use of disposable plastic water bottles, hefty 5-gallon jugs, and gas-guzzling delivery trucks, making them an eco-friendly option for workplaces.

In addition to their touchless design, Cool Planet Water’s dispensers feature advanced water filtration systems that remove impurities and deliver clean and refreshing water. They are also energy-efficient, helping to reduce energy consumption and lower costs. 

The new touchless water coolers are now available for lease from Cool Planet Water. The company also offers a range of customizable options to fit the specific needs of each workplace, including adjustable temperature settings, hot water dispensing, and advanced multi-stage water filtration and purification options.

For more information about Cool Planet Water’s touchless bottleless water dispensers, please visit their website or contact them at 866-201-1919. 

About Cool Planet Water: 

Cool Planet Water is a leading provider of sustainable water solutions for workplaces. They offer a range of customizable water solutions to meet the specific needs of each workplace. Their products include bottleless water coolers, countertop dispensers, and now touchless water dispensers. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and quality, Cool Planet Water is committed to delivering reliable and eco-friendly drinking water solutions.

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