Electronic Prescription Services Under Scrutiny: Compliance Findings Revealed

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Electronic Prescription Services Under Scrutiny: Compliance Findings Revealed

Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group’s guidelines highlight the importance of regulatory compliance among UK electronic private prescription providers

LONDON – May 18, 2023 – The UK Pharmacy Safety Group dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of patients within the UK’s pharmacy sector, today announced the results of its in-depth analysis of four major UK electronic private prescription service providers. The study found that only two of the providers were fully compliant with regulatory requirements, while the other two, SignatureRx and Livi, failed to meet the necessary standards.

The investigation, prompted by a YouTube review, revealed that thousands of prescriptions are at risk of being recalled due to inadequate security measures. SignatureRx and Livi were found to be using unencrypted PDF files for prescriptions, allowing for potential forgery and posing a significant risk to public safety.

The National Pharmacy Association advises that pharmacies cannot legally dispense prescriptions that fail to meet regulatory compliance. As a result, pharmacies are required to request a paper copy with a wet signature from the original prescriber. The Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group, whose members include Boots, Well, Lloyds and Superdrug, provides guidance on the requirements for electronic private prescriptions.

Clynxx and Doctor Care Anywhere were found to comply with these guidelines, which are in place to ensure that organisations maintain the highest level of patient safety and security. The use of secure, encrypted, electronically signed prescriptions protect the public and the system against potential abuses and infiltration of the black market.

A spokesperson stressed the significance of these findings, stating, “The risk to public safety cannot be underestimated when systems do not meet regulatory requirements that are in place for a reason. It is irresponsible for organisations to try and cut corners whilst ultimately endangering the public by perforating the pharmaceutical supply chain.”

The Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group guidelines urge healthcare providers and stakeholders alike to choose compliant systems to ensure the safety and integrity of the electronic private prescription process.

For more information, visit https://www.ukpsg.org/post/prescribing-software-compliance-the-risks-to-public-safety

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