Naked Root 8” Planter with Root Zone Oxygen technology

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Naked Root 8” Planter with Root Zone Oxygen technology

Naked Root 8” Planter: Innovative Floatation Device Receives Utility Patent

After over four years of development and with the aim to design a planter that imitates the way plants naturally grow by simulating the “breathing” of roots, we are excited to bring our Naked Root 8″ Planter with Root Zone Oxygen technology to the world.

It delivers the perfect ratio of water, soil, and oxygen to plant roots allowing the soil to dry evenly from top to bottom and to grow a robust, highly efficient, and productive root system. Our innovative 360° Root Aeration, enables oxygen to enter all areas of the root zone and create an extensive root system.

A fixed, inflated ring was not appropriate for the task. What I needed was a highly stable, easily-adjustable floatation device designed to hold different objects with differing centers of gravity.” – Brent A. Ford

The unique reservoir system has enough capacity to supply most plants with hydration for two or more weeks. Once empty, it becomes an oxygen bank that delivers air to roots, allowing them to breathe and thrive.

Naked Root: When Roots Can Breathe, Your Plants Thrive! Naked Roots 8” Planter is the world’s first planter to use our proprietary Root Zone Oxygen System to put an end to “root rot”- the #1 cause of houseplant death. And, its self-watering technology is extremely low-maintenance, turning you from “not good with plants” into a proud plant parent.

Simply water, wait, and watch your plants thrive!

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