Nils Lind Unveils the Future of Revenue Management at ATS Madrid 2023: A Holistic, AI-Driven Approach to Publishing

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Nils Lind Unveils the Future of Revenue Management at ATS Madrid 2023: A Holistic, AI-Driven Approach to Publishing

From navigating challenging revenue drops to harnessing AI and granular data, Lind’s keynote marks a transformative shift in the publishing landscape.

Nils Lind, an innovator and thought leader in the publishing industry, took center stage at the Ad Trading Summit (ATS) Madrid 2023 to unpack his journey as a publisher and cast a spotlight on the future of revenue management. His presentation, “The Drive to Sustainable Revenue in Real-Time,” provided a nuanced perspective on the complex industry landscape and resonated deeply with attendees, sparking intriguing conversations and intellectual exchange.


Mr. Lind opened his talk with an intimate recounting of his journey as a publisher, managing websites and communities across Germany. Then, he deftly portrayed his venture’s ebbs and flows – from a sudden 60% drop in revenue due to a partner’s acquisition to innovating in the face of adversity. This introduction effectively set the stage, giving the audience a window into publishers’ real-world challenges.


Transitioning into the heart of his keynote, he explained how his team overcame adversity by shifting focus from short-term gains to long-term success. He drew parallels with the freemium gaming market, advocating for a holistic approach that considers users’ lifetime value (LTV), on-site experience, and requisite revenue generation.

The audience was led through the evolution of their strategy, from increasing ad quantity to personalizing user experiences by developing an in-house data and analytics system. This system allowed Lind’s team to delve deep into user behavior, creating a tailored and enjoyable user experience and diversifying their revenue streams.

“Ladies and gentlemen, by embracing a holistic and data-driven approach, we transformed a daunting challenge into a thriving opportunity for growth and success,” Lind stated, summarizing his journey.


Lind touched upon the future of revenue management. He painted a vivid picture of a world where machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are not just marketing buzzwords but the bedrock of publishing strategy. He stressed the growing importance of AI in auto-tuning auction settings, setting floor prices, shaping supply, and facilitating AI mediation within a publisher ad stack.

Lind also shared his post-publishing journey, where he harnessed his experience to build tools that could revolutionize the industry. He emphasized how AI, with real-time vendor data, could personalize, mediate, and make layout decisions on the publisher’s side.

“Imagine automatically switching to AdSense when the net revenue user experience from the full header bidding stack is lower than AdSense—or choosing the video player that will generate the highest revenue for a given user at that moment,” Lind envisaged, underscoring the power of AI in publishing.


Tying together the strands of his talk, Lind offered quick wins to optimize the publisher ad stack immediately. From utilizing secondary bidder settings within Prebid to ensuring a well-ordered bidder hierarchy and maximizing bids, these insights reflected Lind’s hands-on experience and profound understanding of the industry.

The resonating conclusion left attendees with an essential question: “As we look ahead to a future powered by AI and real-time data, are you ready for what’s next?” This question, coupled with the insights and experiences shared by Lind, marked a remarkable end to a thought-provoking keynote.

After ATS Madrid 2023, Lind’s speech is still creating an impact in the industry. Thanks to his thought-provoking ideas, publishers are reassessing their strategies and adopting future-oriented revenue management practices. His insights were valued based on social media responses and feedback from attendees. Lind’s vision for a data-driven and AI-optimized future is poised to revolutionize publishing.

About Nils Lind:

Nils Lind is a pioneering entrepreneur and the visionary founder of Assertive Yield. A seasoned gaming, online communities, and publishing professional, Lind’s knack for innovation and community-building has been instrumental in creating companies that leverage cutting-edge tools to bring people together. His brainchild, Assertive Yield, offers publishers granular, real-time data for optimizing revenue generation and enhancing user experience. Assertive Yield has grown organically since its inception in 2019, earning the trust of countless publishers through its unparalleled data granularity, credibility, and personalization capabilities.

About Assertive Yield:

Assertive Yield, a 100% bootstrapped scale-up, is a trailblazing, real-time revenue management platform purpose-built for publishers. Assertive Yield harnesses AI technology and provides unparalleled data insights into ad performance, personalization, and inventory management. This empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and maximize revenue across various channels while optimizing user lifetime value.

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