Capmad is set to revolutionize the industry as the premier source of economic intelligence on Madagascar’s markets

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Capmad is set to revolutionize the industry as the premier source of economic intelligence on Madagascar’s markets

Designed by industry leaders for business leaders, Capmad brings a new wave of unbiased media coverage in its 100-percent digital economic data website featuring market analysis, trends, and opportunities in Madagascar.

Capmad is on track to change the game in Madagascar after unveiling a 100% digital economic online media that will serve as the primary source for economic intelligence on Madagascar’s markets.

“Capmad is all set on embarking on a new era of media excellence and shaping the future and redefining the media landscape in Madagascar,” a representative of Capmad said. The data website leads the way in examining and explaining the crucial political and economic trends in Madagascar. All news and information feature market analysis, opportunities, and economic trends in Madagascar to help individuals understand what is happening while understanding how Madagascar will look in the future.

“We want to change cognitive biases related to economics and tourism. We are on a mission to inform the world of our extraordinary potential, thanks in particular to Madagascar’s unique biodiversity and thriving tourism industry. Capmad is designed by leaders in their fields for industry leaders themselves,” the representative explained.

Capmad has recently featured the five dominant sectors in the Indian Ocean, which are fundamentally related to the diverse economies, reliability, and availability of employment of its coastal zones. 

In Madagascar, agriculture sits on top of the country’s dominant sectors, with the production and export of vanilla, cloves, rice, and other crops fueling the economy forward. The country is also a hub for fishing activities and is renowned for exporting clothes. It is also known for its various mineral resources, including graphite, chromite, and ilmenite. Madagascar’s unique ecosystem and particular biodiversity make it a popular destination for ecotourism.

Meanwhile, as the global economy undergoes an unprecedented technological change, Madagascar is proving to rev up on technological entrepreneurship with nine million internet users, 19+ million mobile phone subscribers, a 32.1 internet penetration rate, and more than 50+ tech startups working to thrive in the market. 

Aside from Madagascar, Capmad also features the Top 5 dominant sectors for Reunion Island (France), known for its natural beauty, including active volcanoes and pristine beaches, as well as Mauritius, a global financial center providing offshore banking, insurance, and other financial services. The list also includes Seychelles, a popular destination for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs. 

Capmad has a dedicated business page that contains data-driven economic news to serve industry leaders. Individuals can also discover an unparalleled zoom into Madagascar’s tourism by tourism players themselves, as well as a deep dive into sustainable architecture and urbanism by world experts. 

Individuals can access the premier economic intelligence source on Madagascar’s markets and opportunities by subscribing to the Capmad Business Newsletter. Others who wish to learn more about Capmad may visit its site at or check out its social channels for more information.

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